Supracondylar Osteochondroma in a Black South African Population

Ofusori DA, Komolafe OA, Ajayi SA, Abiodun AA.


Osteochondroma is a condition characterized by a benign outgrowth of bone on the surface of another bone. The present study reports the presence of osteochondroma in the supracondylar region of the right femur of a Black South African during a routine osteological study. The diameter of the exostosis measured 15.7 mm at the tip and 26.3 mm at the base. The exostosis is about 30.8 mm from the base of the epicondyle. It is 24.8 mm in length. Gross examination suggests a feature of osteochondroma.

Key words: Femur, Osteochondroma, South Africa, tumor

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