Length of orbital margins of dry skulls in a local Pakistani population

Rasheed A, Hina M, Kuraishi RT. 2019.


Orbit is an important bony cavity which lodges eyeball and associated structures for our fundamental sense of vision. Knowledge regarding accurate morphometric measurements of its margins and depth will help in diagnosis and treatment plans of various optic functions. Previous studies showed racial differences in different populations we want to collect data in local population of Asian region as we are lacking data in this region. This study was carried out on 64 bony orbits of 32 dry Asian human skulls. Measurements from right and left bony orbits were taken by digital vernier calipers in millimeters and entered in SPSS 18.0 for calculation of mean and standard deviation.Results were obtained from different orbital margins. Right superior, inferior, medial and lateral orbital margins showed results as 31.30 ± 2.329 mm, 33.59 ± 3.35 mm, 29.57 ± 2.28 mm and 28.37 ± 2.023 mm respectively. While left superior, inferior, medial and lateral orbital margins were 30.944 ± 2.1080 mm, 31.19 ± 2.54 mm, 29.567 ± 2.36 mm and 28.14 ± 2.286 mm respectively. Right sided depth from optic canal to frontomaxillary suture was 41.40 ± 2.88 and left sided depth was 39.93 ± 3.33 mm. Data collected in Asian population showed differences from other races. This study covers important area regarding helpful in surgeries of this region as precise measurements could avoid injuries and postoperative complications.

Key words: Orbital Margin, Pakistan

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