Effects of shea oil on the histology and enzymes of the liver

*Madu Nom Gadzama


The study was carried out to investigate the effect of Shea oil on the histology and enzymes of liver of Albino Wistar rats. Twenty-five adult Albino Wistar rats weighing between 98.8g to 348g were randomly grouped into five groups of five rats each. Group I served as control and was given water and feed only ad libitum. Groups II, III, IV, and V were given 500 mg/kg, 1000 mg/kg, 1500 mg/kg, and 1500 mg/kg of Shea oil orally for the duration of 28days. Groups I-IV were sacrificed after 28days while Group V was left for additional 14 days post treatment after the rats in the group were sacrificed. Liver tissues were harvested for histopathological observations and blood samples were collected for liver function tests (Asparate aminotransferase (ASAT), Alanine aminotransferase (ALAT) and Alkaline phosphate (ALP)). Cell morphological changes seen under light microscopic level the rats in the control group have normal liver architecture while steatosis, fatty changes, inflammation, and necrosis where observed in the experimental groups. The hepatocytes were becoming irregular with narrowing sinusoid showing sign of recovery in group V. There was no significant effect on serum level of ASAT, ALP, total protein and urea while the change in ALAT and albumin level was significante (p>0.05). We therefore recommended that people consuming Shea oil should do so with care. Further investigations should be carried out.

Keywords: Vitellaria Paradoxa, Enzymes and Liver


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