2018 Volume 7, Issue 1

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Uncomplicated bifid meckle’s diverticulum mimicking recurrent appendicitis.
Ravishankar N, Thulasi V.
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Anomalous left Anterior cerebral artery with Hypoplastic right Anterior cerebral artery
Mahajan A, Goel G, Das B
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Ethnic differences in the morphology of the pinna
Amir Mumin, Beda Olabu, Kevin Ongeti, Hassan Saidi

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Renal artery morphology and anatomical variations among Sudanese subjects
Mugahid A Salih (MBBS, MRCSed , MSc ,MD), Mohamed A Hasan (MS, FRCSI)
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Cerebral cortex damage induced by acute oral alcohol intake is associated with
oxidative stress in wistar rats (rattus norvegicus).

Eweoya Olugbenga Olawalea, Ayuba Lolo Shunomb, Ajayi Abayomic

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Khat distorts the Prefrontal Cortex Histology and Function in Adult Wistar Rats.
Echoru Isaac, Bukenya E.M Edmund, Masilili Godfrey, Owembabazi Elna, Lemuel Ann Monima, Ahimbisibwe James
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Morphology of the anterior clinoid process in a select Kenyan population.
William Sibuor, Isaac Cheruiyot, Jeremiah Munguti, James Kigera, Gichambira Gikenye
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Histomorphormetric studies on lactational lead intoxication in testes of sprague dawley rats.
Olajide B N, Odukoya S A, Komolafe O A, Saka O S, Odukoya AO
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Effects of electromagnetic radiations on the male reproductive system.
Adah AS, Adah DI , Biobaku KT, Adeyemi AB
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Dermatoglyphic patterns in type 2 diabetes mellitus..
Sehmi S
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Role of heterogeneous astrocyte receptor expression in determining astrocytic response to neuronal disorders. Amuti T, Ouko I, Mukonjia S, Cheruiyot I, Munguti J, Mwachaka P, Malek A.
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Plastination: a novel approach to cadavar scarcity in Nigeria..
Oyewopo AA, Adeleke OS, Tokunbo OS, Falana BA, Johnson O.
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