Pulei AN, Muga PA, Ongeti KW, Kinuthia J, Ogutu O

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Dr. Anne Pulei, Department of Human Anatomy, University of Nairobi, PO Box 30197– 00100, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254722465924 E-mail: anmunkush@yahoo.com.

Unilateral tubal twin pregnancy remains rare despite a rise in the incidence of singleton ectopic pregnancies. A 27-year-old Gravida 1 Para 0+0 at 12 weeks gestation, presented to our institution with a 1-month history of lower abdominal pain, that progressively worsened and became very severe. An abdominal ultrasound revealed an extrauterine gestational sac that looked like a single viable fetus in the right adnexa at about 12 weeks by crown rump length. Free fluid was noted in the right iliac fossa and Morrison’s pouch. A conclusion of a right-ruptured ectopic pregnancy was made. The patient underwent laparotomy and a diagnosis of twin right-sided fimbrial ectopic pregnancy was made. The crown rump lengths of the twins were 6cm and 4cm. We present this case because unilateral tubal twin pregnancy is still a rare phenomenon, and clinicians as well as clinical embryologists need to acknowledge its existence considering the diagnosis of this case was not made pre-operatively.
Key words: Twin Tubal, ectopic pregnancy, unilateral
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