2017 Volume 6, Issue 1

Julius Ogeng’o
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Unilateral spontaneous tubal twin ectopic pregnancy: a rare occurrence. Anatomy Journal of Africa.
Pulei AN, Muga PA, Ongeti KW, Ogutu O, Kinuthia J.
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Reappraisal Of The Structure Of Arterial Tunica Adventitia And Its Involvement In Atherosclerosis

Ogeng’o JA, Ominde BS, Ongeti K, Olabu B, Obimbo M, Mwachaka P
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Ulnar Nerve Contribution In The Innervation Of The Triceps Brachii .

Silva DR, Barros MP, Freire TGS, Firmino Júnior L, Almeida Filho WRB, Correia Cadeira JSL, Silva NO . 
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Differential Effects Of Chronic Iron Deficiency Anaemia On Junctional And Labyrinthine Zones Of Placenta In Sprague Dawely Rat. Omer Awad, Abdel Malek, Julius Ogeng’o
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Influence of maternal pelvis height and other anthropometric measurements on the duration of normal childbirth in Ugandan mothers.
Munabi IG, Samuel Luboga SA, Byamugisha J, Luboobi L, Mirembe F . .  
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Excessive Caffeine Consumption Altered Cerebral Cortex Histoarchitecture and Cell Morphologies.
Olatunji SY, Owolabi JO, Olanrewaju AJ
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Sex differences in diameter of the coronary sinus ostium: correlation with weight of the heart.
Ominde Beryl, Ogeng’o Julius A.
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Amlodipine Besylate impairs the morphology and functions of the bone marrow in adult male wistar rats.
Akinlolu AA, Ghazali OK, Ayantunji LB, Omotoso GO.
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Histology and Ultrastructure of the Adrenal Gland in the Greater Cane Rats (Thryonomis swinderianus, Temminck 1827). Casmir Onwuaso Igbokwe.
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Behavioural, biochemical and neurocytoarchitechural impact of MDMA in male adolescent mice
. Oloruntola BJ, Adeniyi PA, Ishola AO, Ogedengbe OO, Olatunji BP, Olabiyi AA, Shallie PD.
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Anatomical Variations of the brachial plexus terminal branches in Ethiopian Cadaver.
Edengenet GD, Bekele A.
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Invivo Evidences of Curcuma Longa on oxidative stress in STZ-induced Diabetes on sperm parameters in Male Wistar Rats. Olanrewaju AJ, Owolabi JO, Olatunji SY, Desalu ABO , Amaechi WC.
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