2016 Volume 5, Issue 2

Julius Ogeng’o
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The Fifth Pulmonary Vein

Hilkiah Kinfemichael, Asrat Dawit
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Multiple Unilateral neurovascular Upper Limb variations)
Wambua Brian, Ngayu Thairu, Olabu Beda, Kevin Ongeti
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Unusual termination of the right testicular vein in Ethiopia - A case report.
Dawit Habte Woldeyes, Mengstu Desalegn Kiros
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Morphological changes in the sperm storage tubules of the japanese quail exposed to methy-2-benzimidazole carbamate.
Wahabu Kimaro .  
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Physical and emotional impact of cadaver dissection: findings from a pioneer class in a Kenyan medical school. Paul Karau, Alex Wamachi, Kevin Ndede, Joseph Mwamisi, Kevin Ongeti  
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Mandatory anatomy dissection; effect on examination performance.
Mwaka E, Kukiriza J, Mwesigwa C, Munabi I, Buwembo W, Kirum G, Kyamanawa I, Okello M, Kiryowa H, Tumusiime G, Masilili G, Ochieng J, Luboga S, Ibingira C.
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Morphometry of osteodural bridge and the myodural bridge of the rectus capitis posterior major in a black kenyan population. Wambua Brian, Julius Ogeng’o, Awori Kirsteen, Kevin Ongeti, Gikenye Gichambira, Olabu Beda
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Transmedial zonation and regional variations in tunica media of aorta in sheep (ovies aries).
Julius Ogeng’o, Beda Olabu, Kevin Ongeti  

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Morphology and morphometry of postnatal suprarenal glands in south Indian human cadavers.
Maruti ram Annamraju, Subhadra Devi Velichety, Srihari Rao Bathalapalli
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Branching pattern of the Left Anterior Descending Coronary artery in a Black Kenyan Population. Julius Ogeng’o, Musa Misiani, Beda Olabu, Bethleen Waisiko, Acleus Murunga.  
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“The deer horn aortic arches” embryological basis and surgical implications.
Elumalai Ganesh, Chodisetty Sushma  

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The relationship between the deep fibular nerve and the dorsalis pedis artery in the anterior tarsal tunnel: a cadaveric study. Rahul A Jain, Tejaswi Hiremarali Lokanathan  
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