2016 Volume 5, Issue 1

europrotective and antiatherogenic potential of launaea taraxacifolia (wild lettuce)
Julius Ogeng’o
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The Repair-Workshop Theory: Supervising Anatomical Research.
Hope Gangata
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Localization Profile Of Cathepsin L In The Brain Of African Giant Rat (Cricestomys Gambianus)
Claudius Luziga, Bui Thi To Nga, Isaac Kashoma, Abdul Katakweba, Yamamoto Yoshimi
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Distance of mandibular foramen from 3rd molar tooth in dry adult mandibles of West Bengal population.
Sumi Ghorai, Madhushree Pal, Subhasis Jana
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A Description of the Size and Distal Branching Pattern of the Dorsalis Pedis Artery: A cadaveric Study. Anatomy Journal of Africa.
Lané Prigge, Nanette Briers .  
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Anatomical Features Of Renal Artery In A Black Kenyan Population: Correlation With Markers Of Atherosclerosis. Julius Ogeng’o, Charles Masaki, Adel Malek, Fred Were, Beda Olabu, Musa Misiani, Acleus Murunga  
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Regional differences in the mural structure of the human coronary sinus.
Beryl Ominde, Julius Ogeng’o.
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Reproductive Biomarkers of Endocrine Disruption in Adult Male Clarias Gariepinus Exposed to Sub-Lethal Carbendazim. Aina Olayinka, Ozegbe Chuka, Adeyemo Kudirat
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A Lead Toxicity: Effect of Launaea taraxacifolia on the Histological and Oxidative alterations in Rat Regio III Cornu ammonis and Cerebellum. Olatunde Owoeye, Silas Kalu Onwuka  
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Cytotoxic potentials of thiocyanate administration on the liver of male wistar rats (Rattus Norvegicus). Alabi AS, Nurudeen MN, Omotoso GO, Oyewopo AO, Olawepo A, Ajao MS
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The use of apical translucent dentine of the lower central incisors to predict age in individual or known gender. Buwembo W, Munabi I, Mwaka E, Luboga S.  
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Gender Difference In The Modified Insall-Salvati Ratio In A Black Kenyan Population.
Wambua Brian, Awori Kirsteen, Ongeti Kevin, Kigera James, Olabu Beda
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Time-Course Effects Of Carbendazim In The Infundibulum Of The Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica). Wahabu Kimaro.
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