Osabutey CK

Correspondence to: School of Medical Sciences, Department of Anatomy College of Health Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi – Ashanti Region, Ghana.

A case of an anatomic variation in the branching of the celiac trunk in association with a variation in the course of right testicular artery is reported. It was discovered that the celiac trunk emerged from the ventral aspect of abdominal aorta as two roots, which are named hepatogastric and splenomesenteric trunks. The hepatogastric root was located superior to the splenomesenteric root. The branches from each of the roots also varied, the hepatogastric root branched to left gastric, gastroduodenaland hepatic arteries. The splenomesentericroot gave rise to splenic and superior mesenteric arteries. The superior mesenteric branch gave an accessory hepatic artery. In the same cadaver, the right testicular artery also showed variation. The current cases were evaluated in points of embryology, the clinical significance as well as the relevant literature.

Keywords: Celiac trunk, splanchnic arteries, anatomic variations, Testicular artery

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